Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Little more progress...or not

In the same vein,

Scene 3:

Moses labours up the Mount Sinai and comes upto a cave.....
He hears sounds from the cave and peers inside.... he is surprised at seeing a bush with smoke emanating from it. Convinced that this is divine appration that he has always been searching for, he says, "O lord, please give me the ten commandments, folks are waiting at the foot of the mountain for them."(Creative liberties :D)
Suddenly the bush speaks, "Who dares disturb the great sage Parasurama in his Agni Tapasya???"
As a dazed Moses looks on, a hand emerges from the multitudes of Hair, holding an axe...
SWISHHHHH..... the axe flies past his face on to the horizon, and Lo Behold, Kerala is born!!!!!!!

I just have to post the next one here...... its the funniest comment i have ever heard in my life..

ATTN PRUDES: Dont read on!

Situ: Drinking session at a friends place. All are smashed and the host(N) decides to serve dinner.
A couple of guys S and J are having curd rice and so N takes out the pickle,

N, "S, y dont u have some pickle, its excellent ??"
S, "No thanks, I already have ulcer symptoms....my stomach burns too much if I have spice"

N, "J, U have no such problems... so u HAVE to try this.."
Pat came the reply,

"N, dont you know that I am from Kozhikode??? If I have this, it will burn for the other guy!!!!!!!!!!!!"

(Footnote: Kozhikode is considered the gay capital of Kerala)

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Script(?) in progress...

There is this pj play concept that i have been thinking of....:D

What if the 'space time continuum' goes bezerk????

Scene one:

Garden of Eden
Eve coyly encourages Adam to eat the apple from the tree of life. Adam, as will any man when a beautiful naked girl asks him to, immediately plucks the apple from the tree. But, in his excitement (very understandable) the apple slips from his hand and there is a scream of "GRAVITYYYYYYY" from Issac Newton sitting below.

Sidenote: Isnt the world lucky that he was born in England????? If he was a Keralite, the autopsy would have said. "Death caused due to severe trauma to the cranium caused by a heavy blunt object falling from great height" ...... Thats y u will never see our scientists relaxing in a coconut grove..... and once he does relax there, pretty sure that he wont remain a scientist.

Scene Two:
Moses at the the shore of the red sea with thousands of Israelites counting on him for safety...
So he raises his staff(as god orders him to do) and parts the sea......
Moses rushes thru leading his rejoicing followers..
Suddenly he stops.... shocked at seeing a drenched man in a dhoti with a basket on his head running towards them from the otherside.....
Moses, "Who are you????What are you doing here??? Dont you know that U are running rowards the paroh who is trying to destroy all of us???"
The man, "I am Vasudeva..... dont go there...The evil king Kamsa is after my son Krishna and will kill everyone in his path"

Now everyone knows why my scripts never get any takers... :)