Tuesday, June 20, 2006


The past few weeks were the best and the worst of my life.... in other words, same as usual!!

Just finished the biggest project of my career and as i languish in my personal pool of glory, the accounts sharks have started to snap at my heels...... i dream of a day, a day when i can just do a project and not have the financial hacks at my throat for over spending on the approved budget, a day when everyone is proud of me for singlehandedly running the event instead of worrying over a few hundreds of thousands of discrepencies (and not even a single dollar into my pocket...shame on u rahul)..... I had thought I would take a couple of days off after the event to recharge my batteries, but with my boss threatening to tear off my batteries, the thought better remain a thought.

But the silverlining has been the fact that i met quite a few celebreties and discovered that most of them shouldnt be celebrated at all....., but there are a few execptions who can be surprising...

AB sr and jr are among the most polished and svauve ppl one can hope to meet

HR is a real gentleman.... and very very soft spoken.... very appreciable

Anil K Cool guy, gave the best lines during the Koffee with Karan set, K - "who would you cast in the indian version of Brokeback Mountain?" Anil - "Karan Johar and Shah Rukh Khan".... that takes the cake and the hamper and everything else

Sal Kh Moody, but very decent... surprising from the stuff u read abt him

etc etc.. I know nobody is interested in this stuff, but couldnt miss this opportunity to let anyone and everyone know that I met all of these ppl and many many more....

The biggest flip side of all this is that my girl is mad at me for being incommunicado for almost three weeks....... God help me...if HE has any say with a woman...