Thursday, July 13, 2006

When will we learn????

Mumbai now is like the magic ball that v used to get...... It bounces back with alacrity every single time.... and bouncing back higher and faster too.
This is the SOP that the city has been living on for the past 15 years when its been terrorised and torn apart by INTERNAL and external forces. There will be the most horrific and vile act commited by hands that can never be caught which will change the futures of innumerable families......
But then the media and the political honchos come on and compliment all and sundry on their amazing resilience and everyone starts walking around with smug selfsatisfied smiles and tales of how normal people were sooo helpful.

I have a feeling that the only people who have been actually trained for damage control is the common Mumbaikar. They have been through so many horrors in the recent past that, the moment something happens, they are ready with water, biscuts and the like to distribute to the affected.

On TV and on ensuing reports, there seemed to be no government backed attempt at controlling the situation, and (deserving special mention) Rajdeep Sardesai was positively nauseating as he exuded immense pride on CNN-IBN being the first on the scene....... hope somebody awards him a gold medal or something or at least help him out by getting the stick out from where ever its lodged.

Of course its great that people are ready to help others in their time of need, but the Media tends to focus only on this and not on the most important factor of .. How???? How to ensure that this never happens again???? The who, why,what for and all that are just points of discussion for forums and coffee shops....... discuss....argue..... and forget. We are perhaps the most indifferent country in the world when it comes to terrorism.

The greatest diplomats in the world will pat themselves on the back for the fact that the United States is awakening to the reality of terrorism in India....... what????? If the 93 bombings, parlimentary attacks, hourly bombings in kashmir cant wake them up, what can a measly 7 blasts do????? They get more than that in an hour in IRAQ.

And if they do wake up, then what????? They will come into India, weed out the terrorists and make our country a safe place to live again??????

How I wish for a national leader with BALLS to actually do something other than just look tearful and commiserate with the victims.

And life goes on........ till the next attack.


Anonymous maya said...

i agree with u fully!

10:33 AM  
Blogger Maya Cassis said...

sardesai needs to be handed out a medal just like survivors are being handed out a water bottle or some biscuits as aids!

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Hiren said...

You are right. Some action must be taken instead of futile discussions. The US of course does things according to its own interests.

6:46 PM  
Blogger Nautilus said...

I totally missed out on the indian media fenzy over the blasts, but CNN here did a pretty good job and thankfully was very matter of fact instead of trying out the human angle!

I do agree with you on the "indifference" to terrorism part. It makes one wonder about the effectiveness of our defence system, intelligence systems like CBI and RAW...where the heck were they when such attacks were being planned out in meticulous details?

9/11 took the US by surprise.Any one who has been to the US before that will vouch for the lenient security everywhere. But try anything funky there now...say the word "bomb" in an airport and you'll spend the next year in jail before they are satisfied that you were indeed talking about the blonde bombshell standing next to you in the check-in line!

I wonder how many surprises India needs before it spruces up its security system and actaully does something to stop terrorist activities instead of just condemning the act!

8:29 PM  
Blogger ichatteralot said...

Mumbai bounces back which is fine but have you seen the decay that has set in? Nobody ever protests here - they accept. People should make sure that such incidents do not happen in future but no they just bounce back - leaving all else to fate and terrorists

5:45 PM  

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