Saturday, April 08, 2006


I have been commenting at a lot of different blogs on philosophy and several have asked me to clear my stand on life and the reasons for it...... here goes my attempt. I know I will sound disjoined and confused...... but thats just who i am :-)

At first there was nothing and then........ - Cant digest that, ..nothing can come from let me assume that there was something. A single, all encompassing entity.

Now comes the tricky part,

If there is only can you know what you are???

That is, if there is nothing to compare with, nothing can be determined about anything. If there is only fun and no pain, noone would know what fun is...... this relativity is what I am talking abt. Now the assumption here is that this entity wants to know itself and sceptics ask y such a powerful and omnipotent entity will think so.... My answer to that is, The search for 'I' or 'Who am I' is the driving force for most of us and I for one am attributing that drive to the Soul, which I will come to in due course.

Now since this entity was to learn about it self and it can do so only through relativity, it creates something... say for example space. It then compares its feeling as space to its feeling as the sole entity..... if it matches, bingo....otherwise, the next creation and the cycle is begun.

Now the point here to understand is that the sapce-time continuem that we live in is not present for the entity.....simple because it created it. So the past, present and future is the same. Everything that is happening and is yet to happen has already happened and vice versa.

(I know that I am confusing the hell out of any unlucky soul who stumbles on this post and I beg their forgiveness....but I just have to write this to see what my convictions r worth)

Now as this supreme entity creates all that is, its element is present in everything. The energy that causes the electrons to move..... where does that come from???? Energy cannot from nothing...... and this something that it comes from is my supreme power.

So it is present in everything, the desk, an ant, glass, straw .....anything and everything is an experiance which can answer the ultimate question. And as there are no two exactly same things .... every form is a different experiance.... this explains the need for multiple units of essentially the same thing.

Now as the sole purpose of this is .....self awareness, this power is least bothered abt good, bad, pure, evil and all that crap. Mayb it finds itself in the cruellest of ideas....u never know.

I will try to put firth my views on good, bad and all that crap in the next one..... I hope I can!!!!!


Anonymous maya said...

waiting for rahulology part 2:-D


for me, what i find difficult to belive s how can there be nothing???
is there a thing called nothing???

9:13 AM  
Blogger indianpeppone said...

Exactly my point..... and the reason most of the so called scientific theories dont sit right with me

9:19 AM  
Blogger Nautilus said...

My head is still reeling...I'll post a comment when I recover :-)

2:29 PM  
Blogger indianpeppone said...

@nautilus: Apologies and I agree with the reeling thingy...have to rectify immd.

6:59 PM  
Blogger Maya Cassis said...

hee hee hee good logic always beats the bad ones
I think I know how your head works cos I compare it to mine
good going

3:44 AM  

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