Saturday, April 01, 2006

No Love for PavLov

Pavlov was wrong....... and his dog deserved the dogs life it got!!!! There is no such thing as stimuli-response and all that crap.

If this fantasy theory was true, how can you explain this:

Date Time Fines source Area Fees
14/06/05 10.06 Dubai Traffic Al Sofouh St 200
14/07/05 15.22 Dubai Traffic Al Sofouh St 200
03/08/05 17.09 Dubai Traffic Al Sofouh St 200
16/08/05 18.55 Dubai Traffic Al Sofouh St 200
03/09/05 18.34 Dubai Traffic Al Sofouh St 200
04/09/05 19.22 Dubai Traffic Al Sofouh St 200

These are the basic details of my speeding fines during last year. A few things are immediately apprant..........
  • I drive too damn fast
  • I tend to drive faster during the second half of the day
  • I dont drive too fast during the last couple of weeks
  • Dubai traffic are sob's
  • There are 3 constants, A) Dubai Traffic, B) 200 and the most important C)Al Sofouh St.

At last, my final bcom exams have been surpassed in my 'Waterloo' scale.... the new winner is Al Sofouh Street.

In a period of roughly 3 months, I got flashed(radar flash.....u perverts) 6 times from the same radar at the same street during roughly the same time(majority). I am sure that Mr. 'Stimuli Dog' would have slowed down in that general area after the first couple of flashes.... if it was a true experiment. I am certain now that the dog was bribed to act the way he did and i also realize what"under laboratory conditions" mean!!

This is the problem if u trust your text books....... I was confident that this theory will hold me in good stead and I wont get more than a couple of tickets....but what happened????I am out of AED 1200. If only I had slept during that lesson as during the rest of my student life...the single thing that i learnt cost me this much, lucky I know nothing else.

This the problem I have with all experiments, scientific theories and postulates and all those perfect logics...... The best illustration is that, u cant draw a bloody straight line and the straight line is the basis for most of geometry. Ok....mayb that was stupid...but if I am stupid enough to throw 1200 down the limits are endless.

But, I really dont understand y they should allow cars which can touch 300 km/hr if the speed limit is just 120?????? Isnt it entrapment??????

Speeders of the world unite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous maya said...

my sympathies!
hav u read my travel blog?
there s a similar comparison...

12:36 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Hey, i love the don camillo series myself!

1:39 PM  
Anonymous maya said...

u ok? no feeds for today???

11:38 AM  
Anonymous motu said...

1200 AED.. wow!! That must hurt.

That's why I'm safe driver. I don't overspeed.. (I love my car too much to do that on Delhi roads).. I don't jump red lights (if they are working) and I don't drink and drive.. (how can u hold the bloody bottle when u are driving?)


8:07 AM  

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