Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sense & Nonsensibility

After my brief tryst with philosophy yesterday, I have discovered one important thing about myself........ I am incoherent. I read my post today and couldnt make head or tail of what it was about. So inorder to not loose the precious few friends who visit my blog, I am desisting from my threat yesterday of writing more glibberish.

Its really weird, I have the whole concept laid out perfectly in my head, but when i typed it in it looked more or less like a bloody scrabble board. Infact, that might have made more sense. But in any case, it doesnt matter that i cant understand my own writing since I understand the ultimate truth...... uh ohhhh looks like I am entering the glibberish roundabout again!!!

Its been my boon & bane through the many exams that have I have 'just passed' over the years...... The only one I ever failed is my accountancy in final year Bcom....and true to my goal of being the best at whatever i do, when i failed .... i failed miserably. But it really was a great shock to my whole family that I passed all the rest..... since my first and second year exams were more or less drinks breaks from the cricket matches I was playing in. Infact I am quite proud of that feat too.... 21 papers at one go and lost only one....but I digress..
As I was saying, till my tenth exams, I really used to put in a major effort to study and gain good marks..... since my mom was faster, stronger and more cunning than me till then. But after that..... my prose writing has been basically a whirlpool of generalities from which the real smart examiner can fish out gems(and a few did....otherwise I cant find any reason for me to pass any of the exams ever).

But that doesnt apply to my statistics exam ..... I still dont know how I passed that one. There was this guy sitting in front of me, Ranjith.P if i remember right, he had 'bits' by the dozens and was using them and throwing them under the bench. I had no clue what the question paper required me to do and was contemplating the vital statistics of Pamela Anderson, Sharon Stone etc.... when I observed a few chits near my shoe. Confession time.....I am ashamed to say that untill then I never had the guts to copy.... but this was a new situation..... the only connection I had with the subject was the question paper I had and I certainly didnt want to score an even zero.

So the game began......

* Look left ... look right.... again look left ...then look right.........I did my table fan impression for another 10 minutes b4 I was certain that the professor was actually sleeping.

*Slight, miniscule movement of the right leg.....

*Look left... look right....again look left...then look right....

(Yes u guesses it, its the road crossing technique customised for copying....I adapt fast!!)

To cut a looong story short, I was able to appropriate one of the biggest chits in roughly one hour.

And yayyyyyyy...... two of the answers on the chit had the same elements as the two 20 mark questions.

*Fold the chit and hide it in the palm........

*look left ....look right.....again look left...then look right..... write the first word

and so on and so forth..... In the last one and half hours i copied the two answers verbatim and submitted the paper 5 minutes b4 the warning bell even.

I then went upto ranjith

Me - "the exam was ok naaa????"

Ranjith-"Was good"

Me - Almost jumping with joy

Ranjith - "But man, I had 7 chits and not a single question was on those"....................

But still I passed the exam.......

Jai Calicut University!!!!!!


Blogger satyapriya said...

Hilarious!!!!! Good that the road crossing technology helped you somewhere.....

2:19 PM  
Anonymous maya said...


by rule, u r not supposed to use the road crossing techniques! it sort of alerts the invigilators:-)

4:20 PM  
Blogger Sue said...

Lol... I sucked at the Phy-Chem-Math part of my XI/XII syllabus, but I had the neatest, best-arranged notes in class. Everybody copied from me, including the toppers. And they scored in the 90s while I scraped through somehow and frequently flunked. Life's weird, man.

1:31 PM  
Blogger indianpeppone said...

@Satya : Its helped me in a lot more areas.... but mentioning those might totally backfire on me.. :-)

@Maya : Sadly I didnt get the training at the right was forced to improvise :D

@Sue : Reminds me of my friend Abid Ali.... will mention that story in the next blog...
But dont worry, "Faliure is the stepping stone to success"... So ppl like us flunk only so that v can succeed in later life...the poor toppers :-)

10:57 AM  
Blogger Sonia said...

*grin* i think most Indian Universities are the same!

4:54 PM  

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