Saturday, March 18, 2006

Money for nothing....

I hate them.............. really really hate them.
The irony is that, till about six months back they were my best friends, they used to b with me where ever I went and I had a lot of fun with them..... But like all weekend raves, all good things must come to an end and unlike Krishen Kumars acting career, all bad things dont come to a fast end.
Who am I talking abt?????Banks Of course....
I used to watch all the Visa and American Express adverts back home and had put using them as one of my goals in life(I know, Iknow......but its my life and I can set any goal i want). So as soon as I joined my job in Dubai, I applied for, and got my First card. 19 days and 22 swipes later, I got my first 'card rejected' slip. But I am not so easily disuaded....... I took both master and visa from another bank(the first one is obviously bad as they refused me any more money even though I defaulted only one payment.....the first one) and was able to parry the rejection slip for almost a month(i was travelling on an official trip for 17 of those days). Then another bank called and offered me a huge limit and I saw the end to all my troubles(already my balance was around 4 times my salary) as i created the perfect plan. I will transfer all the other three of my card balances onto this one and get back in control. But exactly then my holiday happened............ $5000 available balance became $5300 payable in a span of not more than 10 parties.
So to recap, 4 cards; No available balance; Monthly minimum payable of more than 50% of my salary!
Whats the solution?????? Simple...take a personal loan and clear of all the cards at one will b lesser interest and a single point payment. Perfect.
2 mobiles+1 home theatre system+3 city centre trips(SALE!!!!)+'Special' orthopeadic bed and cot +countless 'happy hour' nights = 1 personal loan.
I never knew that the formula was sooo simple .....
In the middle of all this, the stupid Emirates Driving School ppl gave me my licence......... So the situation now, 5 Cards(they gave me another card with the car loan......poof!); No available balance; 1 personal loan; 1 car loan........
So whats the solution?????? Simple....go to the boss and ask for more money. Its surprising how fast a bureaucratic set up can react when it needs to and I had my walking papers in 2 hours..... apparantly the company doesnt run just because of me!!!!! Imagine!!!!!
Now with, 5 cards; No available balance; 1 personal loan; 1 car loan; late payment & over limit charges; and 10 CV's, I set out .... Bhikshaandaehi!!!!!!!

But every dark cloud has a silver lining............. other than Mohanlal, no speck of light can possibly get around that frame now, I have a job with almost 2 times my old salary and 5 times my old work, am well on my way to closing my second card and six months since my last swipe........ had a brief relapse when I HAD to buy a couple of levi's. But its under control now and am in the process of perfecting the art of mooching........ (rahul's idiom for moochers: Go pee while they pay). And my heart felt advice to other aspiring victims of the credit quick sand, have a blast as its great while it lasts.....but remember, like every girl in America(Confidential Source:Boston Legal on Star World) U have the right to say No at anytime...and No means No!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous maya said...

signs of maturity rahul!

10:25 AM  
Blogger saagaram said...

me writin in malayalam

10:42 AM  
Blogger indianpeppone said...

Me ???? mature????? never wanna b...... its just desperation adn sense of self preservation

4:56 PM  

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