Thursday, March 16, 2006


I think its time ..... time for me to buckle down, stow away my immaturity and write about something serious. Yes....... all the finger pointers who have yelled at me to grow up(other than my girlfriend who actually wants me to b a little taller) will look sickly after today when i will b sooo mature that maturity will b renamed rahul.
That brings me to the pertinant point...... what the hell is maturity???????? My uncle feels that not cracking PJ's is THE sign of maturity(i will never mature then)...... my grand uncle(my lord voldermot) has no such parameters......he has decided that I will never b father feels that saving money is being mature(never...if u cant spend it,u dont deserve it I say).....the list goes on and on....
So as a first step to attain maturity, I am reinventing myself.....or rather my voice. I am in the process of cultivating a deep baritone that will leave amitabh bachchan awestruck. trust me, by the time I am through with myself, I will sound as if I am proverbial frog in the well (koopa mandukam)....... not the ignorant one, but the one with the resonating, echoing deeeeeeeeep voice(remember the prince after the princess kissed the frog????what a voice)........ok, mayb the comparison doesnt quite work the way i wanted it to, but i hope u get the drift.
But the biggest problem about maturity is the what took the poodle haired guy his lifetime to discover ....relativity. I look at myself and the decisions I take and I feel sooo bloody mature that my eyebrows should logically b white. But.........!!!!! So I am gonna take the einstein legacy forward and create the ultimate relative maturity questionnaire....

Please give truthful answers to the questions given below and do not scroll down if you want accurate results.

  1. Which is your favorite dog? (a)Labrador (b)Doberman(c)Pomeranian(d)Lapazo
  2. Which is your favorite colour?a)Greenish Black(b)Reddish Black(c)Yellowish Black(d)black
  3. Which is your favorite dosa?a)Masala Dosa(b)Ghee Roast(c)Paneer Dosa(d)Family Dosa
  4. Which is your favorite Country?(a)India(b)China(c)Somalia(d)USA
  5. Who would u like to b when u grow up?a)Politician(b)Fireman(c)Policeman(d)Bill Gates

The ratings of your maturity, based on ur responses, are given below:

  1. Labrador-Wise, loving; Doberman-Angry, no tail;Pomeranian-shrill;lapazo-No idea
  2. Greenish Black-Envious, nauseaus; Reddish Black-Anger, Black eye; Yellowish Black-Mr.Denzel Lee ; Black- Amitabh Bachchan
  3. Masala Dosa- Flatulance ; Ghee roast-Annapurna Gowri Shankar; Paneer Dosa-Yuck;Family Dosa- Y the hell??????????
  4. India-Young Population; China-too many old ppl; Somalia; too many sick ppl;USA- too many Dumb ppl
  5. If you answered this question you are immature............ since u urself feel that u still have to 'grow up'.

Am sure that by now u would have realised that there is nobody more rahul than rahul and that since rahul is called rahul from now on, rahul is rahul.(if u suddenly feel that u are reading someother language, please refer 1st para, last line)


Anonymous maya said...

i guess am not mature!
my answers were
and and and...yeah none of the above:-)

so am i mature?

and check out
my effrt at writing blog in malayalam:-)

12:41 PM  
Anonymous maya said...

1:34 PM  
Anonymous maya said...

yes, u can say the story was :-) wat makes u say that tho???

11:24 AM  
Blogger indianpeppone said...

i think i am not in the script today.........what makes me say what?????

2:31 PM  
Anonymous maya said...

r u ok? not slossssssshed i hope:P

take care...i ws speaking of the story in my story blog...n ur comment:-)

4:44 PM  
Blogger indianpeppone said...

ahhhhh.... at last am in sync. Sloshed????? wish i was.....!!! Dont know y I thought that..... must b some weird cosmic short circuit

5:22 PM  

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