Thursday, March 09, 2006

What is love????

Nooooo...dont not going to try and answer this question, but I am definately gonna b musing a bit abt it.

Its my favorite pastime to pester my friends who claim to b 'in love' by questioning on how they can b sure. Quite a few budding romances have been nipped when i ( by mistake of course) happen to ask the guy when he is with his ..."darling". To come back ot the matter at hand, the most popular responses have been,
  1. I always think of him/her even when i am not with him/her or her/him rather to balance the sentence
  2. I always yearn to be with him/her
  3. I am most comfortable when with him/her...............................and the clincher
  4. I can imagine every frame of my future only with he/she in it.

Ok, now to b totally frank, I too have used one or more of the above in various combinations at different points............. and equally truthfully i have never seen anyone in my future...not even myself......let alone 2 bonny kids(shit) and a nagging wife(sigh). But, the lovers will say, thats y I have never loved.

But what the hell is love????? Missing someone when they are not there??????then i am bisexual and a pervert to boot as i miss my dog at home too.(I swear i have dont nothing to my dont roll ur eyes...and please I am as hetro as they come even though i like Wham songs and the two taklus of Right Said Fred). Yearning to b with some one????then i am in love with all of my friends... Dont even talk abt the comfort level.....if that is true I am in love with my boss too(eugh!!!).

So what is it that makes ppl classify ....that love??. Obviously its indescribable, otherwise me, with my keen intellect and probing questions, will have unearthed it. but one thing I have been able to identify abt this phenomenon is that, LOVE IS BLIND. Otherwise how can u explain the fact that my friend Dinesh Menon(name changed to protect Vijay Nair's identity), who was offered the role of Godzilla and refused as it would mean going to the dentist to clean his teeth, had a love marriage to Tina(again name changed but this time to save going to the dentist for my teeth) ????

One thing thats for sure is that, the lovey dovey couple definately want to sleep with each other, asap for the guy and god only knows when for the girl. (This is deduced from the fact the other is seen in the future with a couple of bonny kids and that due to the bird flu, all the stork deliverys are quite irregular ) And this is true for all couples...................................

But the problem here is, all the guys I know (i know me too) have had a flash of ...say 'loving' thoughts....... abt most girls they meet ( the male perversion...i know....) so does it mean that any relationship that starts with such a thought cannot b love???? I used to know a punithamana premam(pure love) couple in my college. They used to say that all that mattered was the meeting of their minds and that jsut speaking to each other once a day is enough for them........ anand was caught in her house when her parents came home early one day and the punithapremam ended with the girl getting married in arnd 1 month after the incident and delivering a 'premature' baby (but she must have gone thru a lot..poor thing).

And if love and lust go hand in hand, is tenure the only differential?????

But even though I tried not to, my vast intellect has been able to find an answer to the question at hand......... as 'love is life' = 42


Anonymous maya said...

love has many faces and phases.
the first we experiance is the love our mothers give us..
the love which is with us always, then comes dad, rest of family....
as we grow up,the surge of adrenalin kicks up fantasies about the opposite sex, u pine for them...and lust too comes in...
from there, love becomes nonsense, makes u do the stupidest things u can ever think of... that, i gather is love. love is pain, love is lust, love is love...:-) love has many faces...

my dad is from palakkad...i began school in palakkad...but finished college in trivandrum

10:26 AM  
Blogger indianpeppone said...

Dont know abt faces.......but i agree that it makes u stupid. Gives meaning to ' ignorance is bliss'. But it sure is fun ....while it lasts.

Cool ..... I am B&B pkd. Did my pg in Delhi, wrked in Hyd for a while and now in Dxb for the past 4 years.
the world can b surprisingly small

1:57 PM  

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