Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Me, myself & my blog

After weeks of trepadition, second thoughts, third thoughts and a lot of soul searching....I have decided to put myself ...out to speak.

The past couple of months I have been a complete blogaholic too, reading any blog i can find and appreciating many and ...... running thru a few crappy ones too. But the idea of speaking my mind to the world, with no one shutting me up(a few of my friends always do that taking advantage of their larger dimensions) or directing me to a specific part of my anatomy where I can stuff my opinions in or disputing the make up of my family tree, is tooo damn attractive.
Another advantage of blogging instead of surfing that I can find even as i start is that I look much more hardworking thumping away on my laptop than continuously staring at the screen and dreamily caressing the touchpad.....tht reminds me, got to get a mouse for this bloody thing.
I hate this bloody touchpad. Its soo difficult to close the different sites I am at and also open the presentation I am suppossed to b working on in the 4 seconds that it takes my boss to come to my desk. Ohohhh, i am rambling away and I totally forget what I was intending to say....... never mind.

If anyone ever wonders abt the name........ peppone....its of one of my favorite charaters ever.....Peppone of Giovanni Geruchi's Don Camillo series(hope i got the spelling right). I know, i know....peppone of all ppl?????I also wanted it to b Howard Roark or even mayb Bertie(very close second)...... But I am tooo enamoured by the whole make up of the man. Imagine a commie mayor........ but still a loving man(yeah..yeah..influenced by the Ayn Rand anti commie philosophy too), that just blows me away....and his banter & tugs with don camillo the priest......immortal. I have only 7 books of the series, so if anyone knows where I can get more...plzzzzzzz let me know.

You know what?????this is really an addiction.......I am just not able to stop. So I better stop this one now and if (by a miracle) someone does read this....please let me know whether i should continue....not that I will stop if someone, or the whole world for that matter, says I should stop and ppl with such opinion can stick it where its small, round, deep and the sun dont shine.


Anonymous maya said...

of coz u gota continue... :-) and i can the problems with a laptop...u knw wat? there is an easy way to close the page u r on... just click control key and w... it will close :-) waitin for more blogs...

12:58 PM  
Blogger indianpeppone said...

Ha!!!!! My very first reader......
thanks a ton for the thumbs up and will try the control w next time......

1:27 PM  

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