Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Visitor, Maggu & Rum

I got my first visitor(thanks maya) and I am on the top of the world....mayb not quite the top....but not at the bottom anymore. Its like shouting at the top of ur lungs at an echo point, looking down on the vast indistinct horizon and whoa!!!!!!! u get an answer.

But y should that make me feel sooo good???? is it cause i feel that someone else can hear me?????? but my friends do too(other than when all of us get drunk and I am not allowed to open my mouth and discuss philosophy with myself, cause they r all too dumb to understand...ha!!! eat that vijay). Mayb thats the point, i can get drunk and post philosophy and noone can stop me........

That takes me back to my mba days. I completed mine in Ghaziabad. I am sure all of u would have heard of IMT Ghaziabad........if u take the road just next to its campus....u will reach my college...GSBA Ghaziabad. But i was lucky that it was not like IMT....there they make u learn stuff not joking..u actually have compulsory attendence. But at GSBA the main thing v learnt is that, as broke as u get towards the end of the month, never try Tharra(local liquor). v used to get it in packets from a shady place in the city and mannnnnnn ....u smell it and its over.
But i did learn a lot of things that are very important..... This is for other Institute owners in the NCR(national capital region) belt....... dont enroll keralites and hope that everything will run smoothly. I am sure Maggu(our exec dir.)never repeated the mistake.
Get ready for it folks
I was the leader of the first ever strike in the history of the college....and am sure in the whole region...... but how can i b blamed????? After 5 years of going to college in Palakkad(kerala) and learning the importance of strikes in a students life, how can i neglect to share it with my compatriots??????? Eventhough i didnt get to shout out "down with maggu" "students unity zindabad" and all that...... we still wre able to cause a stir in the campus.....if u can call two villas with a door in the wall in between a campus. We demanded everything........ more time in the computer lab.....better faculty.......better facilities.......and we won. Maggu said he will give everything...... we drank ourselves to oblivion that night proud of our success.
But v forgot that Maggu was a man of his word....and atypical of most of the breed, he didnt believe in mixing words and action. What he gave as a word, remained a word.

But by then we had discovered that sitting at the hostel and analyzing the effects of rum on the human body was much more favourable than trying to understand y globalisation is sooo damn important and y the proposed break up of Microsoft is right or wrong or whatever..... (I for one believe that its wrong...but thats just me)

More mayb in the next post......... my manager just sent me a reminder for the project that i was to submit yesterday.......better start on it now.


Anonymous maya said...

rum god ki jai:p
hey are u from palakkad???

11:37 AM  
Blogger indianpeppone said...

Yup.......Victoria alumni....and where r u from??????

2:58 PM  

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